Certified International Nutrition Specialist (CINS) is a medical professional with nutrition expertise, engaged in food selection, recipe preparation, dietary nutrition evaluation, nutrition education and guidance. It’s a relatively comprehensive occupations integrating cooks, health care providers, medical professionals, psychologists, marketers, and administrators.

The CINS exam is a special assessment recognized by the Certified Health Care Professionals Association (CHCPA). The certificate obtained through this qualification assessment has a high global recognition and is a professional symbol in the field of fitness and nutrition.

CINS Application Requirements

Exam Registration

For exam registration, you will have to complete the application form and submit required fee $60.

You can download the exam docket application form here.


After you received the exam docket, you can book seats on the last Saturday of March, June, September and December. You must book seats in advance. If the seat you booked is full, your exam date will be extended to the next test window. If you want to cancel the seat, please contact the Association and submit your application one month before the exam date.
You need to take the passport and the exam docket to the exam, otherwise you will be regarded as a violation to the exam regulation and you will be rejected to enter the room.

CINS Licence Application

For application of CINS licence, you must meet the following requirements:

Pass the CINS exam
Pass the Ethics test required by CHCPA
Acquire more than one year of relevant work experience

The licence application fess is $45 and the first year annual fee is $90.

Remark: First year registration fee is one off fee that only be charged the first time of application for licence.

Continuous Education

CINS certification should be updated in every 3 years and it requires 60 following education credits, including no less than 2 credits of Ethics.
And the certification update fee is $225.

Continuous education credits must be acquired in courses that is related to medicine, nutrition, health, etc.

Licence Sample


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